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Review of The World of Rapest

SubjectThe World of Rapest
ByVote: 5barfboy on 2021-04-07
ReviewSo, the guy has this power to stop time but he also has the ability to make the girls move through time with him when he rapes them. So they're aware he's raping them and they're screaming and crying and all that. This allows for some scenarios to play out like, raping a girl in front of her sister, raping a policewoman on the street, raping a news lady while on TV and so on. It's just a bunch of disjointed scenarios. It's also consequence free rape, the girls completely forget what just happened to them after he restarts time for reasons.

There's some animation in it, the girls are okay, just not much to it. Could have been good in the hands of a better scenario writer with a larger budget and more time to develop. Not raping a girl on her wedding day is also wrong. Just wrong.


#1 by barfboy
2021-04-07 at 15:20
< report >So it turns out there's a hidden ending that doesn't fit the rest of the game's setting at all.
It suddenly turns into a high school romance. Tendou Azusa had a good ending so I didn't realize I missed something until I read that post. Very weird.