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Review of NG

ByVote: 9otomelover068 on 2021-04-09
ReviewThe art of these games is still very impressive as well as the design and stories of the spirits, with a new cast of characters even more enjoyable than the previous ones and a different story in a format similar to the previous game, NG fixes all the problems that Shiin had.

The GUI is magnificent, the music is still great, the movement system is improved, now it is easier to identify which object should be used against the spirits, even the game allows you to save the game in a more free way (but not totally, if I am not wrong.), when playing it I realized that the game is more interactive than before, in the confrontations of the spirits more than anything.

Some details such as the sprites of the characters in the background waiting for you to choose them, being able to choose the expression / reaction of the protagonist and the fact that scenes can be unlocked if you gain confidence with certain characters, is a remarkable change compared to what is Shiin. (The last thing I mention about unlockable scenes depends on what kind of reactions you give those characters throughout the game.)

In terms of history, compared to Shiin, it was not so surprising in the final stages, but it was not at all predictable and it was just as enjoyable.

The only thing that does not convince me is that one of the game modes adds screamers to the backgrounds when you hover the mouse over it or click in certain areas where something strange is seen (such as a face, a person, etc), I didn't like it, but I'm excited to see how they improve this on Shibito Magire.

Very good game, I recommend it, more than its prequel in terms of gameplay.