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Review of Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o

SubjectWaga Himegimi ni Eikan o
Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o
ByVote: 6ajs90 on 2021-04-09
ReviewLet me be honest. If I had to sum up my impression of this game in one word, it would be: Disappointing.

As a reader of the MajiKoi series, I was pleasantly surprised seeing that Minato Soft, after many years, released a new VN. My first impression of the game was actually positive. Interesting character designs, art and a story that could be a good starting point for a new franchise.
Sadly enough, this impression didn’t last long. While I mostly liked the heroines in this VN, they simply didn’t get enough screen time to give a lasting impression. It was quite apparent after a couple of hours of reading that this VN was far more setting focused than any of the MajiKoi installations. Which certainly isn’t anything bad, but still was horribly implemented in my personal opinion. This VN needed so much world building that it simply didn’t have the time left to spend on proper character introductions or development. If there had been only a rather small cast of characters, this might as well not have been anything bad, but instead we get clattered with dozens of characters that never get any real development.
Worst of all being the main character himself, who honestly is so void of any kind of personality and story value that he just as well could have been a mascot. His whole value being limited to 3 minutes every 3 days and a little bit of healing here and there. Otherwise, you might as well forget he exists. For me personally, there often were story passages where I dear to god didn’t know whether the main character was even present in a scene or not. And if he was, I only got to know so thanks to his 1 line he might have had every 10 minutes or so.
The female cast, while good in diversity, voice, and personality, was simply too large for such a setting focused VN. Ending in giving anybody, other than the 3 main heroines, only a lackluster end scene instead of an actual route. This state might be fixed by a series of after stories, like they did with MajiKoi S and A, but still won’t fix the lackluster state of this VN’s routes.

In conclusion, I can only recommend this VN to people who only care about the setting. Anybody who expects anything similar to MajiKoi, or isn’t able to enjoy the VN only based on its setting, might get disappointed just like me.