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Review of Gods of Love

SubjectGods of Love
Gods of Love: An Otome Visual Novel
ByVote: 2otomelover068 on 2021-04-10
ReviewThis is a poorly executed game.

The art is not so bad, but the character design ... It does not convince me, something makes it feel strange or out of place (Probably Lysander). The gui and music of the game are very forgettable, actually I don't know if it really had music now that I think about it.

The story happens very fast, and when I say very fast, it is that the problems are solved in the simplest possible way, leaving a conflict between the gods as nonsense, which in my case ruined the story. If it had been a bit longer and the story had taken its time to explain things with more dedication, perhaps this would have been a better game, because the whole game seems to be done in a hurry.
What do I mean by this? I mean that all the routes, scenes by scenes, even the CGs, all pass at the same time in the same way, it looks like a copy and paste with their respective changes for each character, once you play the first route, any route, all of them, follows the same pattern. Makes the game predictable, boring, and irritating.

The protagonist made me almost drop the game, it is a badly made attempt of a strong protagonist to which everything goes well in an almost convenient way. She is annoying, not relatable and her personality (like the rest of the characters) just hurts from how flat and empty she is.
The only character that is minimally decent is Moss, because she seems to have more personality and dedication than the whole game in general. But it is not enough to save the game, it is very bad, it's awful.

I wouldn't even recommend it unless you want to waste your time and end up with a bad taste in your mouth.

(My vote was a 4, but every time I remember more about this game, it makes me lower the score.)