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Review of Ane to Imouto o Iinari ni Suru 10 no Kairitsu ~Hou mo Shimai mo Okashitsukuse!~

SubjectAne to Imouto o Iinari ni Suru 10 no Kairitsu ~Hou mo Shimai mo Okashitsukuse!~
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ByVote: 6barfboy on 2021-04-10
ReviewThis one's okay. It has a pretty fun premise, where an angel grants the protagonist, Hanasaki Ryo, the ability to create 10 new 'Commandments' for his household. He has 3 sisters, an older sister Hanasaki Sakura a younger sister, Hanasaki Kurumi and a twin sister Hanasaki Konoha . So of course the rule he makes is 'They need to have sex with him whenever, wherever, or in front of whomever he pleases. I wish Sex in Front of an Audience had 2 subcategories but I don't know how well it would be implemented, between 'Sex where someone watches' and 'sex in front of crowds'. Because seriously, link
is a completely different experiences than if you fuck your girlfriend at home when someone else is in the room.

This guy fucks his twin sister in the library (pictured), during class, in crowded department stores, and so on. In fact he never fucks his twin sister unless crowds of people are watching because that's the commandment he made up for her. That they have to have sex in front of everyone, he's even disappointed on a train ride when he realizes they're alone because they have to wait until the train is full to have sex. Even more, his older sister is the student body president so when there's a school assembly he fucks his older sister in front of the entire student body. link

His sisters are very cute. Standard big tits older sister and tsundere sister, in this case his twin. The younger sister turns out to be a sadist who treats him as a pet. So if you like the role reversal of a loli little sister enslaving the MC there you go. The sex is great, all the crowd stuff really turns me on. The animation is used in the opening. All 3 animations (1 for each sister) so once you've seen the opening you've watched all the animated sex scenes the game has to offer but it's still nice to watch while listening to the dialog. Overall a fun experience. I really like the idea of giving your sisters 10 commandments. The only problem is it's not long enough to enjoy much. Too bad.

What commandments would you give your sisters? I enjoyed the premise so much I even wrote my own. I was disappointed in the MC because I didn't like his rules. Just commanding sex is no good.

1 You must be in love with your brother (Me)
2 You must remain a virgin until marriage, premarital and extramarital sex is forbidden
3 Marriage between siblings is good
4 Jealousy between the sisters or other girls is forbidden
5 Unless guests are in the home clothing is forbidden, other than a leash and collar or apron when cooking or doing household chores
6 Cosplay is optional cat ears and a tail are not
7 The home must always be clean and in order, all household chores are to be divided among the sisters
8 All meals are to be prepared and eaten together
9 Music, singing and dancing lessons are mandatory
10 You must become an idol

Then just marry your sisters and you're all set. It's a fun VN that makes you think up your own rules for how you'd live in their world.