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Review of Salthe

ByVote: 4forever-here on 2021-04-10
Reviewtime to give this a bad review now that the dust has settled.

at first glance you'd look at this like its a typical hentai plot of what happens to the princesses of a fallen kingdom. yeah just saying that you already know there's rape and torture here. if that's just it then I'd give this a 6 or 7. but the game tried to be too ambitious and be more political as to what's happening before and after the fall of said kingdom. ending rolled in and the story became inconsistent. plotholes. the bane of any story telling.

the question is more of what was happening during Salthe's timeline while Salome was being raped as per shown in the earlier parts of the game. I get that she got "captured" as well but the game clearly showed that it wasn't the same cruel treatment as Salome was getting. so how did Salthe herself got raped "over and over again" when it should have been Salome? She said this herself in the "theater room" I still don't get it. moreover by this point Jean should have already known that Salome was the bad girl and she's only getting her deserves. so why did Jean kill Salthe? and if Marie was together with Salthe the entire time, well first of all where's the scar? Marie herself can't possibly fail to distinguish Salthe from Salome.

I heard people praising this title when it first came out. and here I am telling myself "...really?".