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Review of Rance - Hikari o Motomete -

SubjectRance - Hikari o Motomete -
Rance: Quest for Hikari
ByVote: 6.5geralt on 2021-04-10 last updated on 2021-05-06
ReviewPlayed with the Rance 1 Rebuilt Patch.

I definitely enjoyed this. I like how the gameplay is set up itself. I don't think that part has aged badly.

It’s rather a serious balancing issue, once you got the quest to save the daughter of the bartender you get 800 Gold in advance, that is before you even have to kill anything. So, from the beginning you can buy the best equipment you can buy in the game (later on you can find even better equip). If they wouldn't give you 800 Gold, it would actually make sense to have these 3 Zones in order to level up or grinding gear. So, the RPG Part of the Game is certainly meh. It’s pretty unbeatable without a Guide, fortunately the AliceSoft Fandom gives you an excellent one. I wonder why they made it this hard to progress especially in contradict to the easy Combat. Either they wanted the players back then to puzzle for ages or sell the Guides.
With all that it makes sense that the Digest Version was made, I didn’t play it, but it is supposed to remove all gameplay and make it VN only. Still I think choosing that, you’re missing out a bit.

A cool mechanic was when you fucked Sill you can get Magic Spells, I even got the healing spell without reading the guide. After looking into it, healing looked like the best option.

I found the jokes about the old PCs and others in the Game pretty amusing tho they don't fit in this setting at all. So, the Game isn’t trying to be too serious.

Dialogues were entertaining with Rance being basically an asshole. But he isn’t that bad you’d hate him (seen as a character of course).

The best part about the Game are probably the CGs, they look very nice with the given limitations back then. I’m a retro fan so obviously I chose this version over the remake.