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Review of Oyako Kouryuu ~Kahanshin Kotoba de Communication~

SubjectOyako Kouryuu ~Kahanshin Kotoba de Communication~
ByVote: 4barfboy on 2021-04-10
ReviewI can't believe a father/daughter game would be lame and mostly boring but here we are. I just have nothing good to say about this. It took me 3 times to get through the whole thing. The plot is interesting, a guy hires his own daughter as a prostitute because she has no place to go, she's a runaway. After they have sex they turn on the light and oops, they just committed incest. Other than that opening scene the rest of the game is just lame. Guy comes home, 'you're a bad daughter!' daughter says 'no, please don't punish me again', guy forces himself on his daughter. Finally she runs away again, the end. If you work REAL hard you can get the good ending where she tells him she loves him and they become lovers. but the choices are not obvious. Not that that makes sense.


#1 by naiohoras
2021-04-11 at 05:34
< report >> but the choices are not obvious
> looks at producer

...ah, Monogram. I should've expected, they apply it in all of their VNs.
how they handled choices in VN are pretty similar with Appetite's. even their UI, stock backgrounds, etc. are all the same. they are probably Appetite's sister company or something, I'm not gonna bother to search.Last modified on 2021-04-11 at 05:35