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Review of Hatsujou Taisan! Nakadashi Oharai Jorei Seikatsu

SubjectHatsujou Taisan! Nakadashi Oharai Jorei Seikatsu
ByVote: 7barfboy on 2021-04-11
ReviewThis was certainly cute. Great for anyone with a pregnancy fetish. Almost all the scenes the girls look 8-9 months pregnant with exactly 3 animated scenes as is normal for these cheap Softhouse seal nukige (one for each girl). The description isn't so good at explaining what's happening in this game but it's the official description so what can you do?

There are little bats with hearts on them that are demons. They want to impregnate girls. Yuuki is a priest at a local shrine. He's been taught the technique to dispel the demons which is, to fuck the girls till their wombs are purified with his semen. So, one of the girls will get attacked by the adorable demons, they get impregnated, cry out in pain because they're now pregnant, and their bellies instantly grow to appear 8-9 months pregnant. It's Yuuki's job to fuck them and dispel the demon with his semen and they stop looking pregnant and go back to normal because the demon is dispelled, to become pregnant with Yuuki's baby instead because that's what unprotected sex does. Great game.

The game is an RPG but other than my first try where I died on the first battle because as a normal gamer I won't use my items till I know what rules are I decided to use the skills and items the game gives you. You can use each item once per battle, like the protection charm which reduces all damage to 0 for 3 rounds, the porno magazine which heals all your HP and so on. A complaint, why add an RPG system if it's that stupid? A tiny bit of effort could have improved it immensely. But why improve the RPG elements in a short nukige? What's it for in the first place? Because, either make it right or drop it.

Game is too short. The premise is fun, wish it were in a longer game. The artwork is very cute, lots of pregnant sex and of course the harem end. Wish it were longer.

Of course, the girls. Nanashiro Nodoka is dumb as a box of potatoes. The thinks the demon bats are birds and keeps trying to pet them. She keeps growing a penis and there's one scene where she has sex with herself, a clone made by the demons.

Kimishima Minami is overly shy to the point of annoyance. She thinks her entire life is ruled by bad luck. She keeps getting attacked by demons in crowds and forced to have sex where everyone is watching.

Arisawa Arisa is an idol and best girl. She can't date boys but gets pregnant. Cutie as hell.