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Review of Root Film

SubjectRoot Film
Root Film
ByVote: 8filipv on 2021-04-12
ReviewRoot Film is a murder mystery click-and-point adventure game with multiple chapters where it feels like you're watching Detective Conan.
While in most chapters you play as Yagumo, 2 are dedicated to Riho as MC.
Good: Voice acting is great. The humor and banter equally great. Great art! As a fan of Detective Conan I liked this way of storytelling, though it may not be for everybody. Some twists are genuinely interesting.
Less good: This game feels cheap, which is a shame because I paid €40. Lots of music re-use from Root Letter, characters are NOT animated (which feels weird with the great VA performance) and have very limited poses. Some hiccups in the EN translation (may be patched out by now).
Also: I cleared it in around 10h, about half the length of time I spent on Root Letter.