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Review of Flyable Heart

SubjectFlyable Heart
ByVote: 8.5shiny on 2021-04-12
ReviewThis is such a pleasant game. It's perfect easy reading - boot up, read for a hour or two, and then put down. It might be that I'm burnt down after playing so many average games, but I'm willing to give Flyable Heart a high score for avoiding so many pitfalls common in moege - there is drama late-game, but it makes sense and is not dependant on the protagonist/subcharacters becoming jerks all of a sudden. In fact the protagonist is very likeable and capable and there is no doubt why the girls - all outstanding characters in their own right - would fall for him. The main appeal of the game is in exploring the cuteness of the heroines, but even if you like some less than the others, there are bits and pieces of the overarching plot sprinkled along all of the routes to keep you going till the end. The presentation is lavish - not just in terms of CGs (which actually match the text! I know, low bar...), but also sprite variations, unique backgrounds, cut-ins, music etc. The final product is a game that makes me think, "this was well planned-out!" as opposed to the usual, "I can see the devs were ambitious and had some cool ideas, but then the budget ran out." Just a well-executed concept that delivers.

A shame this game never got an anime, which I suspect was on the table after the success of Nanatsuiro★Drops. I think it would have done quite well in the space occupied by franchises like Baka to Test to Shokanjuu and Macademi Wasshoi. Thankfully there are still two fandisks and several novels and fanbooks to explore after finishing the game.

About the only thing I think could be disliked about this game is that the romance feels very... Shoujo-ish? It's sugary and sweet but also very much devoid of any erotic element, so the sex scenes are not very sexy, just cute. I can't imagine anyone fapping to this. I thought this was refreshing for a change of pace, but can also easily imagine someone getting heartburn.