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Review of Memory's Dogma Code:01

SubjectMemory's Dogma Code:01
Memory's Dogma CODE:01
ByVote: 4kubelo on 2021-04-12
ReviewA VN with a strong start - impressive visuals, good voice performance and character introduction that falls extremely short of its initial potential. Let me explain.

Art style and general UI design, although slightly generic, are really well done. Everything looks quite polished and makes a significant impression after you start playing.
Music is alright and does its job building atmosphere, but it gets mismatched from time to time and is rather on the generic side. It doesn't overstay its welcome though, since the visual novel itself isn't very long.
Voice performance is well-matched. I was really happy that the protagonist is also voiced giving him some semblance of personality.

Overall premise and world introduction is well done - while themes of future tech, memories and coping with death of beloved ones are rather well established in visual novels you get quite an original spin here.
Similarly, main characters have a strong introduction and defined personalities.

What might go wrong, you might ask?
Everything past the first act of the story.

Side characters get tossed aside within a few scenes after introduction with no real influence on the plot or characters. They are not killed off but disappear from the plot due to convenient situations and fade into obscurity with a passing mention about their possible fates.
Choices are absolutely meaningless, apart from several lines describing cruel fate that awaits you should you actually click it.

As a result the plot gets reduced to the bare minimum - no additional character development, world building or deeper mystery with the finale relying solely on shock, surprise and cheap climax straight from any cliché shōnen anime.

My impression is that the idea and introduction was written by one person and the rest was either finished by someone else, without any clear direction, or a sizeable chunk of the game has been cut out and rewritten to stay within the budget.

It's a great shame though - the VN could have been so much more but ultimately did not deliver.
I cannot recommend this one.