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Review of Dasaku

Dasaku ~Nuiawase~ Download Edition
ByVote: 8chasekilleen on 2021-04-13 last updated on 2021-04-17
ReviewDon't let the cutetsy moe, moe scenes at the start trick you. It becomes way too dark, way too quickly with the protagonist seemingly going crazy and start to kill and rape all of his classmates one after the other.
The gore and h-scenes are quite funny, but I would not recommend it to people that cannot stomach these sort of Guro scenes.

This is the most disturbing thing i have ever seen in my life ever, we have From stabbing Hanami to cutting open testicles and penetrating that same cut slit to having a threesome with both Alice and Chloe after when Alice cuts off her right arms and legs.
Honestly both Tobosa and Alice route were the most f'ed h-scenes I have ever witnessed, you not only penetrate Tobosa's cut open stomach but her brain, furthermore, Yuuki inserts his penis inside of Alice's stump from when she cut off her right leg.

Despite all of those gruesome scenes, there are messages that are conveyed across, this VN's core message is to accept that we are all human beings no matter type of condition we, as long as long the concept of love is involved. If there weren't that much guro scenes, I would honestly like it better and ultimately consider a good moege with pure and based love scenes.

In my honest opinion, Alice's route was the saddest due to Chloe and Alice's past and despite how much they fight and how much Alice has harmed her, Chloe still loves her. but Tobosa's ending made me shed a tear because of its exploration on LGBT themes and how both Yuuki and Tobosa grew to accept one another. It was very cute route and heartwarming overall.


#1 by vario
2021-04-13 at 13:26
< report >I'd say that no one expects a cute moe game from Cyclet but Ayakami Shizume was actually pretty wholesome if you ignore short bad ends.