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Review of Mai Yome ~My Yome~

SubjectMai Yome ~My Yome~
Mai Yome ~My Yome~ Download Edition
ByVote: 7barfboy on 2021-04-14
ReviewYo, this is some serious incestuous lolicon. The MC's parents are going away for some time overseas for work. They leave MC and his definitely underage elementary school girl younger sister Yamanouchi Anna in his care (with Randoseru even). She excitedly says they'll be like newlyweds and their mother says 'If you two got married it would sure put my mind at ease'. So Anna gets even more excited to play the part of newlywed wife for her brother. She starts calling him 'Anata' (darling) from then on.

Starts out innocent and sweet, making dinner, waking up for school, and so on until older brother asks for sex. She doesn't know what sex is so he teaches her. Game features all the typical newlywed tropes, sex in the bath, naked apron, sex on the veranda hoping to be seen with little sister. Nice.