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Review of Never7 -The End of Infinity-

SubjectNever7 -The End of Infinity-
Never7 -The End of Infinity-
ByVote: 1joeyjjojo on 2021-04-14
ReviewLegitimately the most boring thing I've ever read. Shockingly pointless and infuriatingly dull- especially considering the woefully unutilized time looping and clones. Any attempt at an interesting story discarded entirely in service of stale drama and awful comedy in the earlier part to which I never laughed a single time. Maybe I'd've felt something for the characters were it not for the fact that I could all but visibly see the gears turning in the writer's head- "Which mental struggle will I give THIS character for the main character to help her overcome in this route." Ought to have kept common skippable text for each up to day 11- save me the tedium of having to read such formulaic, predictable trash 4 times over.

There is no value to be gained by reading this. Do not attempt.