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Review of Musicus!

ByVote: 5arisuu on 2021-04-15
ReviewIt's an overdrive music game. Pretty neat.

I liked it more than kirakira and less than deardrops, but not by much in both cases.
There's a nice sense of reality to the setting that helps you get invested in the character drama. The characters themselves have a surprising level of depth to them, and getting more intimate with them over time is one of the pleasures of Musicus. I expected to be turned off by hearing rambling about bands and music, but honestly that was one of the more enjoyable parts of the game. Seeing characters be passionate about stuff that matters to them is always cool. Comedy was a highlight of this game to me, very consistently entertaining.

Yako's route was the best. Wasn't too into the others.
Musicus likes to make you think about stuff. I wouldn't quite call it philosophy, but just about how life goes. Maybe it's just a perk of works that have a passage of time like that. Makes you chew your own regrets. It's pretty depressing at times.
Well, it's got some neat drama. Not really my type.

I'd recommend it if you liked Kirakira. Nice game.