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Review of Making*Lovers

ByVote: 9rikuphia3721 on 2021-04-16
ReviewMaking Lovers.

-Main protagonist start as a working adult, very different from the usual rest of visual novel, who start as a high-schooler.
-The prologue is so short. Few choices and then straight to the heroine's route. I quite perplexed when I found it.
-This game let the player choose a dating spot inside the heroine's route! That's quite awesome! So we're free to choose the date sequence.
-The thing I like about smee novel is they really good at delivering their joke, with a perfect timing and mighty punchline. Even when they try to throw everything it is still funny enough.

SMEE again proves themselves with a usual romance story with relatable content, but light with conflict. Suited for someone who just wants to relax by reading a fluffy romance. Recommended!