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Review of Treasure of a Blizzard

SubjectTreasure of a Blizzard
Treasure of a Blizzard
ByVote: 6alexfang452 on 2021-04-16
ReviewTreasure of a Blizzard is a nice VN about Kang and Lin getting stuck in a blizzard on their way to the capital since Kang is a prisoner because of something his father did. They end up helping a lady in a tavern named Mei and a she-wolf named Shan open a mine. What will happen?

The production is good. Things from the character designs and backgrounds to the music are nicely done. Each character has some depth to them, preventing them from being flat. Mei is my favorite character. She can be rude and scary sometimes but is kind for most of the story. Her design is nice to look at, and I understood her wanting to leave the tavern to travel. Every character has a nice design (take that with a grain of salt since I'm not good at designing characters).

As for the other characters, they are good as well. Kang is a protagonist with a backbone. He might be rude depending on some choices times, but he stands his ground and is kind. I felt that Shan could've been given more screentime, but I still liked her. Her motivations are clear and even if she made them help her with the mine, she is fair and lets them do whatever they want when they are finished. I felt that Lin was rude at first, but it is understandable given her childhood friend is Kang. However, she is my least favorite of the 4 main characters due to her reason for joining the guardians is petty and my preference for the other characters

I liked most of the endings. While not all of them explain the outcomes for all of the characters well enough, I still liked them. Endings 5, 7, and 3 are my favorites.

The biggest negative I have with this VN is its English translation. It has A LOT of errors ranging from the incorrect use of punctuation, spelling, word usage, misspelling, and more. The errors are throughout the VN. While the story is still comprehendible with the errors, some parts did confuse me while a few lines didn't make sense.

This is a minor negative compared to the last one. This VN lacks a backlog. While you can press "pg dn" to go back a few lines, that's just it. A few lines.

Lastly, this VN does either leave some things unexplained or don't use character details in the story and instead just put them in the characters section in the menu. Not every ending tells us the condition of Kang's father. Not to mention that this VN doesn't bring up Kang's demonic blood from his mother at all. Also, we never learn about Mei's flower and why Lin can't see it. I feel this VN could've had more time for these things as well as give Mei's assistant more screentime and gave Kang and Shan more scenes with each other. Because we are stuck in Mei's tavern for most of the story, we don't get as many scenes with Shan as we do with Mei and Lin.

Final Thoughts
Despite the many problems in the English translation and a couple of unexplained parts to the story, I still found Treasure of a Blizzard to be enjoyable. While those flaws can't be ignored, things like the good music, background, and character designs kept a balance. Flaming Firefly did a good job with this VN, but the English translation could use a lot more proofreading.