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Review of Tsumamigui 3

SubjectTsumamigui 3
Tsumamigui 3 - Package Edition
ByVote: 9martinezxerxes on 2021-04-18
ReviewThe best game of the tsumamigui series but I also understand where people have frustrations.

The game starts slower takes about 8 days from the start of the game for you to be in control of the protag but I think this is a good thing because it gives time for character development. It is always a challenge on how much character dialogue is enough. When a VN has too little dialogue it makes it unrealistic, when it is too much your eyes start to roll back into your head. I feel that Tsumamigui 3 lands just right. The heroines of the game take multiple run ins to succumb to the attacks of their assailants. Their development and eventual fall to them plays into their previous relationships, mental and emotional sympathies, and cross relational interactions that's leads them to their eventual fall.

In regards to sexual scenes, they proceed in a very logical and intuitive ways that doesn't make all interactions and endings feel the same and plays on different aspects of their characters and their individual pressures. The addition of a pregnancy meter gives the player a gauge as to how far they are along and not just a one and done type of feel. Each of their gauges is different which shows that each of them has different levels of fertility and inversely each male has different rates of conquests due to differences in sperm count (Not sure how else to say that). Endings make sense and are uniquely different from each one. Compared to other games by Alicesoft I feel that their is no area that is overdone. For example, in Tsuma Shibori their are an estimated 3 months worth of days and individual choices on each day that the player must make choice for which leads to a level of monotony that loses its glamor. So when you look at each title you will see that the developer learns and keeps making a better game for the player.

Now to frustrations, I think the game is too short. The entirety of the games is one month of in game time and I feel that extending that out to a month and a half or more would allow for more developed end routes. The end routes in the game feel a bit rushed or lead to interactions that feel incomplete or information that is left out. not all routes but I would say most do. There is very little room for multiple heroines to fall to different people other then the protag and most of the time when you let one route progress it closes the path for others which I think is a shame but I guess it makes sense in the grand theme of reducing collisions from a developer standpoint.

So my overall verdict still lands 9/10 because of the diversity of routes, variety of NTR routes (which is the premise of the series), beauty of artwork, and that each of the routes keeps you engaged. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did and maybe one day someone will translate it all to English but maybe that is just a pipe dream.


#1 by mrkew
2021-04-18 at 10:39
< report >
So my overall verdict still lands 9/10

Vote: 10
#2 by kotaero
2021-04-18 at 11:31
< report >#1 I'm more interested that you actually read through this 10/10 review from a guy who probably use MTL, but maybe you're just bored.
#3 by bunny1ov3r
2021-04-18 at 13:33
< report >Well the guy gives high score because it's a good porn game that does its purpose. What else to expect?
#4 by dercry
2021-04-18 at 18:29
< report >#2 Waiting for mangagamer translation I know it will come, I hope, maybe, please.