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Review of Yukiiro Sign

SubjectYukiiro Sign
ByVote: 9.5kuraikaze on 2021-04-20
Review"Miracles aren't enough to explain our meetings"

This is MY take on the game, if you dont agree, well what can i do

Shortly, it's an improved version of Aonatsu Line. But also a downgrade at certain points. "Seishun" or "Youth" at it's finest, raw form. A phase of transition, unease, insecurity, uncertainty about your ownself, your partner, the things you did on the past or things about the future, but it's going to be alright, you're not facing it alone.

The game feels more like of a group of friends type of game, which is good (and actually my preferences), but it does makes the protagonist involvement rather minimal, it's still there but he could've been doing more protagonist-ish stuff. The other gripes i have with this game is transition for each points or events. I mean it's nice that you only show what's important, making the game efficient but a bit more transition could improve the routes as each are not too short but surely could use more dialogues or "romantic" moments, or foreshadowing.

There's a lot of perspective changes tho, making the reader understand each characters feelings even more, which is probably the biggest improvements from aonatsu line. CG's are superb, u35-sensei's art is currently my all time favorite, and goddamn, the art is just so superb. The emotions and expression is well captured, and despite being a winter themed game, it's heartwarming. Music is good, usage of bgm's are on point, still amplifying the situation but not overdone it. Voice acting is good, problems only lies at the h-scene where one cv changes her voice completely. H-scenes also a bit short, if it were a bit longer, it would actually made me nut.