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Review of Hanachirasu

ByVote: 7.3onorub on 2021-04-20
ReviewI feel like the VN that is most adequate to compare this to is Kikougai, because while that one is a revenge story from the point of view of the hero, Hanachirasu is a revenge story from the point of view of the villain. In fact, at some points, it feels like the antagonist is the one making choices that might drive him towards a bad end. Unfortunately, not only the plot is not as interesting as Kikokugai, it also had worst pacing because the writing feels slow everywhere, even in action scenes. The choice-making also kinda feels like a wasted opportunity, because it could have done a better job in showing that the only way to the true ending is by the player truly understanding the protagonist (as opposed to understanding heroines in regular visual novels).

Even with all those problems i felt, one thing i highly appreaciated about this VN is that it does a really good job at putting you in the shoes of a villain aiming to sabotage the would-be protagonist in preparation for the final battle. Because of that, i'd overall recommend this because this is a work with a fair amount of flaws with qualities you'd barely see anywhere else. Borderline good VN.