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Review of Raillore no Ryakudatsusha

SubjectRaillore no Ryakudatsusha
ByVote: 5clephas on 2021-04-27
ReviewI just went back to this game and finished it... but I regret doing so. I feel like I wasted my time looking for something that was worth the effort. This game has a number of issues, but the biggest issues are the lack of narration and the poor world-building that results from it. Battles go unnarrated save for dialogue, major story scenes have no text descriptions of what is going on, and character interactions go without any sort of 'in the thoughts' moments, for the most part. If you want to understand the setting, you have to dig into the encyclopedia, which kind of defeats the point of playing the VN.

I'm fairly sure that 3rdEye was experimenting when they used animations, CGs and sound effects to take the place of narration... but they picked the wrong genre. Why blow the money necessary to create something like this when you could create something more satisfying by just hiring on a capable writer or two? Honestly, I absolutely hated that I started growing BORED during battle scenes.

Another issue that comes up is the use of the episode-select to get to the various - extremely important - side-stories that are made available periodically during the game. Often, these scenes are vital to understanding what happened and why, yet they are not included in the main flow of the story.

What was worst about this game is that every single bit of it absolutely SCREAMED potential. There was a potentially interesting setting, potentially fascinating characters, and action that would have been awesome... had it been narrated.

This entire game is one long (too long for the lack of content) example of what happens when you decide to depend on gimmicks to fool the illiterate. The brief flashes of genius that are shown here and there only serve to show how abominable the game is overall.


#1 by diabloryuzaki
2021-04-27 at 06:18
< report >"Battles go unnarrated save for dialogue"

it is just minor method to show how fierce is the battle by using cg, sprites, effect and some code rather than simple animation with chuuni text. not only that this part is hard to described by text because the scenario writer must think every chuuni idea just to make the battle look amazing. not all battle fantasy scenario writer have ability to do that like Light (dies irae universe, silverio saga), crystalia (katana project), palette (9-nine), la'cryma (fortissimo series) etc. even this is still more better than eushully's game because every fight scene rather than it turn into animation with less or no text, it turn into rpg completely. after read a huge amount novel with battle scene, now i'm pretty sure that being chuuni just to create amazing battle scene is very hard than create simple animation for battle scene
#2 by kiru
2021-04-27 at 08:54
< report >Battles are always boring in VNs if you ask me. The only exception I know is Shukusei no Girlfriend -the destiny star of girlfriend- , precisely because they are quick and flashy, without someone narrating a marathon of pointless and boring descriptions. Especially in chuuni, where it's all about "I just remembered I got this super skill, that counters all your skills, HAHA WHAT NOW" -> "Wow, I just remembered I have that too, HAHA WHAT NOW" -> "I have another super skill I never used before for no particular reason and just remembered, HAHA WHAT NOW" -> [...] -> predictable winner.

The better chuuni works at least make the outcome not super obvious and give every battle meaning. 3rdeye never did that. The last one I've read by them had battles alright, but they were boring and never went past the status quo. Either the enemy gives up and runs away (aka nothing happened), or they eventually end up killing themselves, but the good guys never actually need to do much dirty work. Outcomes are also super predictable. If they replaced this with flashy animations and cut down on the BS, I can only count that as a positive. Well, they probably still have the issue of battles not really mattering and being boring, but if they look fancy, there's at least something. And let's be honest. That's the only reason why battles in movies and anime might be better: They look fancy. The large majority is on every other level completely unimpressive. Minor exceptions exist, but those are rare.
#3 by kidbuu25
2021-04-27 at 14:59
< report >It depends on individual taste in my opinion. For me, I agree with Clephas about the lacking of narration reduces the value of reading VN. When people pick action VN to read, they more or less expect good text description of the battle and action scenes to help making their imagination bloom instead of explicitly showing what is going on. Otherwise, it would be better to pick action anime from the beginning if they wanted to enjoy flashy stuff without having to work your brain out. Also, like the op said, I prefer the company would put more effort and budget on making the writing better if they picked the VN way to express things.

Putting that aside, I had this in my wish list some time ago since their previous works Sorcery Joker and Gensou no Idea were my favorites. However, it seems even the story setting and quality got weaker this time too. Not to mention I hate pointless dragging. Guess I will skip this. Thanks for the review as usual Clephas-senpai.
#4 by clephas
2021-04-27 at 18:09
< report >@1 It isn't just battles that are the problem. The lack of narration throughout the rest of the game is a serious issue. While stuff like Tilt's gluttony and Easla's personality quirks are easily expressed through pure dialogue and a few judicious CGs and sound effects, characterization is full of holes in the game, to the point where I felt like I was watching a half-formed anime rather than reading a VN. Worse, the world-building is seriously half-hearted, forcing you to dig into the encyclopedia/glossary to even gain decent reference points. Even Bloody Rondo, the crudest of 3rdEye's games up until now, had better world-building.
#5 by NowItsAngeTime
2021-11-21 at 02:30
< report >"Battles go unnarrated save for dialogue"

Good. I'm tired of narration in fight scenes killing pacing.

Maybe this'll actually be good.
#6 by clephas
2021-11-25 at 05:03
< report >@5 Watch anime or read manga. It only kills pacing if you are illiterate.
#7 by Ernovace
2021-11-25 at 05:51
< report >> If you want to understand the setting, you have to dig into the encyclopedia

This is how I felt when I tried it last time and I only read the prologue. If this issue persists throughout the VN, I am not sure if it is worth going back to finish this.
#8 by clephas
2021-11-25 at 07:38
< report >@7 it does continue throughout. There is literally no narration of anything in the story, to the point where it feels like all the characters are wisps rather than people. It creates a really shallow story and characterization.