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Review of Konata yori Kanata made

SubjectKonata yori Kanata made
Konata yori Kanata made - Package Renewal Edition
ByVote: 7barbital20 on 2021-05-03
ReviewPlay only Yuu/Izumi-chan's route. If the game was that route alone, then it would've been a solid 9. Nothing else is worth it not even Kris' route.

Kris' and Kokonoe's characters weren't really suited for this one. They have a more adventure-like setting which would've worked out nicely if the game was longer, to tell about their encounters through long routes. Unfortunately, what we are left with is symbolism taking away from the most important part of this vn (for me anyway) - Kanata's illness. All the routes combined, this game feels like they were trying for something very grand, but were strapped by the budget and salvaged whatever they could. Truly a shame considering the awesome soundtrack.