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Review of Being a DIK

SubjectBeing a DIK
ByVote: 8country-boy on 2021-05-03
ReviewProbably the best AVN on the market, at least from what I've playedl. The graphics look great, they put a lot into it, and the story is super engaging. And both the story and graphics are extremely detailed.
The story has relatable thing: relationship troubles, poverty, deceased parents, in ways that certainly make it damn good.
Complaints: The graphics, while they look great, they suffer from what I call cookie-cutter syndrome. The girl characters all basically have the same face.
The story has some stuff that really hits home, such as poverty, growing up without a parent, moving away from a love interest, but it also portrays college in a much more juvenile light than it should. Weggies? Seriously?
But it's damn good, one of the best that is in development.