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Review of Low Spec!? ~Ore to Toshishita Kanojo to Seikyouiku!~

SubjectLow Spec!? ~Ore to Toshishita Kanojo to Seikyouiku!~
Bytomtheerogeman on 2021-05-04
ReviewI wanted to read a visual novel from Hamhamsoft for years now, but I've never found the right time for it because every now and then I get enticed by another loli VN that pushes all the right buttons for me. I could read them back to back or something, but sameness is generally an issue in visual novels; I wouldn't be keeping things fresh, but I feel I have no other choice by now. I was interested in Hamhamsoft because I want an eroge with a sukumizu-tanned loli in it besides Shuki Shuki and link, and since LO-angle!!'s heroines have bigger breasts and Low Rise!!!'s has a two piece tan instead, I chose Low Spec. Actually, Hane's tan is not a sukumizu tan, it's more like overalls+hot pants tan, but whatever I can't get the perfect character as you can see. Also barfboy sort of implied that the protagonist might prefer the tanned girl over her sister, so looks like Low Spec could be the best choice.

Now when you actually go into this game, you'll soon get the scheduling app link . You just click the character you like on the right, and pick whatever scenario is available, however be wary of voluntarily selecting 共通 because that's for selecting all the girls, not just 1. There aren't enough scenarios for each character to get you to the ending, so you'll occasionally be picking girls you might not be interested in. Sometime after you start having sex with one of them, you get "pillow talk" sessions after sex that let you choose what to talk about. You get points for it, which you can use as money to unlock random sex acts with the girls via the 研究モード. That mode also lets you explore any of the 4 girls' bodies, take off/put on different clothes, touch them, etc. After spending some points to unlock sex acts, you leave the boxes filled in and then go to some of their H scenes during the story to see it. Now you might think after a while that you shouldn't spend any points during your 1st playthrough, then do so for the character(s) you want at the beginning of your 2nd playthrough, because that could get you your money's worth. But sadly you'd have to get enough h scenes with the character to even unlock the ability to unlock different sex acts in the first place, which is kind of shitty. Then I found an exploit where I can save during the pillow talk scenes, load that save right afterwards, and keep doing the pillow talk session again and again to get more points. Yippee...

I was pleasantly surprised by Hane's personality. She's quite silly at times, and she somehow manages to sound kind of drunk without slurring her speech, which I thought was kind of cool. The occasional katakana makes me wonder if that was deliberate, the way the seiyuu talks, or if I'm just imagining things. The other girls are really nice too, and you can unlock threesome scenes involving Miko x Riina, Riina x Sora, or Hane x Sora (the latter is not referenced in the scheduling section unless you try to keep seeing Sora long enough). While many people loathe the super generic school settings in visual novels, Low Spec is kind of the opposite; the scenes that take place at school have by far the most comedy and/or drama compared to anything else in the script. And if you're wondering how I felt about Sora's route after barfboy's comments, he didn't mention that Sora's first anal scene is about Reiji examining her asshole for a pinworm infestation. I don't think that's a spoiler but I covered it anyway so you don't get grossed out or so I don't ruin the suspense or whatever, but I thought I should mention it because I can't get aroused by any of her anal scenes after reading that. Also there's a few hidden H scenes some of you might not have seen; when you complete someone's route, her chibi at the title screen changes when you move the mouse over her, but did you know that clicking it gives you an H scene? I didn't know until I saw the walkthrough.

As for the things I disliked, my main issue is that almost everything about this game isn't as good as some other loliges I read in the past. Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou's games have really good writing and art in my opinion, but sometimes experiment too much with the technical aspects. Iris's games are my favorites thus far because they have good art too, and more often explore my kinks. Low Spec on the other hand is "just OK" across the board. Basically CGs and other graphics are reused too often, the worst is the heavy breathing fog that looks exactly the same and appears in every H CG, which is really annoying tbh. As for the writing, unless you're in the school scenes I mentioned above it's often kind of boring IMO, although I liked the cringy armpit licking stuff I unlocked with Riina. Then there's the title screen. You can see one of Hane's nipples and some of her gorgeous tanlines... I don't know about you, but for me that makes it hard to stay focused on reading. Garbro can't extract the CGs properly, because when you do so all the facial features are missing from the characters, so in the end I had to learn to unlock everything with the walkthrough and take screenshots of whatever I liked.

Low Spec is satisfactory in the end, I loved a few of those threesome scenes and they did some things differently from their competitors, some people will like this one and it gets the job done for a lolige, but I think I'll stick to the other developers. Unfortunately instead of improving things in their next lolige, it looks like Hamhamsoft has switched to doing nukiges with kyonyuu characters, and most of the other big lolige producers have stopped making these games. Kaeru Soft might be the only one left, but having seen characters and CGs from Nonohara Miki's past games it's often like Tinkle Position's games where she prefers drawing JC characters, if I had to guess the age. I don't know about you, but when I feel like reading a loli VN it's because I want a JS princess instead. Some of the doujin groups still do it but they make pretty short ones with less pixels, doesn't seem very romantic to me. Actually I just remembered, the Lolita series from Yoru no Hitsuji might be well worth it, I thought lunaflina's comments about those games were some kind of troll review to trick non-lolicons into playing them or something, but after mrkew made similar remarks I think I'll read one of those for my next lolige.


#1 by mrkew
2021-05-04 at 08:58
< report >
but I thought I should mention it because I can't get aroused by any of her anal scenes after reading that
What? Why? Pinworms are extremely common in children (and filthy NEETs).
And yes, Yoru no Hitsuji rec is definitely not a troll. It's a great 癒し系, but at the same time also not the easiest read because of the philosophical parts, but that shoudn't be a problem for you. The most romantic one is the first one+FD.
Second thing, latest Kaeru Soft is a loli kamige and you should most definitely read it. I have a few scenes left myself. It's a look into the mind of a lolicon who truly emotionally suffers because of his desires. Aoi is a JC (personally I also love JCs as they are reasonable petite. Aoi I'd say will grow out of loli territory in a year or so, which is incidentally also a plot point), but Kotori is undoubtedly a true JS in both body and mind. Don't you want to become her papa? The legal loli sister-in-law Maki-chan's body also felt a lot more JSishLast modified on 2021-05-04 at 09:06
#2 by tomtheerogeman
2021-05-04 at 15:36
< report >Because worms and insects are gross, that's why. I'll admit it's just ignorance on my part, because I've never heard of it until I read that H scene and had to Google it to learn more about it irl. I guess it's just something I have to get used to.

Also I just checked and my bad, Hamhamsoft did make another lolige after Low Spec but maybe one day I'll see if I like that one. I'll check the CG set and if I notice the same images get reused over and over like the heavy breathing effect or the kissing scenes with the same poses and whitened backgrounds for all the characters then I'm not likely to read it.
#3 by n8marezero
2021-05-04 at 17:22
< report >About the spoiler: You're most likely familiar with health checks in Japanese schools. In elementary school they also test for the spoiler thing and use those little paper thingies. It's actually refreshing that an eroge uses this though I understand how it can be a turnoff. I suppose the best way to deal with this is assuming the girl is clean and the test is only there to lead to some anal action. Or treat it like suppository scenes, those are a lot more common.

About other makers, Yoru no Hitsuji games are definitely NOT a troll rec (didn't read that review/comment though). Some folks just love to overhype the games as "philosophical" or "deep." They're loli (as in JS) nukige with some extra flavour. YnH also made several non-lolige about various fetishes or story concepts. Worth checking out.
I agree with you about Nonohara Miki preferring JC over JS. The latest Kaeru Soft game is.. diverse? If you're looking for a JS princess you'll find one in it. The JC is great, as usual. You also have a milf and then there's Maki. She's hard to classify. Does she count as lolibaba? Noshoujo is a clear improvement over the first Kaeru Soft game so you might want to play it for Kotori.
I haven't touched any Iris lolige yet because the art style isn't really for me. I don't seem to be alone with that. I've heard many good things about Irisge though so maybe one day I'll read one.
Hamham Soft games are weird. Initially I was lured in by the character designs and as mentioned stuff like visible breath, heart pupils etc. They also have nice BGM and vocal songs. But once I actually started these games I got turned off by things like the game system and UI, bugs (not those bugs), disliking the protagonists etc. Post-Low Spec Imouto o Kegashita Kioku might still be acceptable, but Yuki no Yoru, Ore wa Imouto o Hadaka ni Suru. was trash IMO. The games after that.. disgusting to even look at. Hamham Soft is dead.
Marble CandySoft might be worth mentioning if you haven't played those yet. Popular games. I got bored halfway into Tsuushinbo though.

Personally I prefer lolige (JS or JC) on the fluffier side so Galette were my go-to. Tanuki Soft was less fluffy but I liked what they made. The genre isn't all that lively these days and even in regular moege you find increasingly more "oppai lolis." I'd love to see some real loli moege. That is, not a nukige. I'd rather have a long common route and decently sized character routes that don't devolve into H, H and more H. But almost every release now is short nukige. Being particular about art styles doesn't help with the few loli games.

tanned loli
Fine taste. Not enough tanned lolis.