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Review of Flowers -Le Volume sur Été-

SubjectFlowers -Le Volume sur Été-
ByVote: 9theaugusthail on 2021-05-04
ReviewIn the second volume of FLOWERS, a four part romantic yuri character drama, developed by Innocent Gray, this visual novel introduces our mischievous, intellectual outcast Erika Yaegaki as she meets the talented yet haughty girl Chidori Takasaki.

By changing the heroine from Suoh (Le Volume sur Printemps) to Erika, this second volume is more entertaining through Erika's impish banter, arousing reactions out of her friends and also being aroused herself.

Presented in FLOWERS's pristine elegance and grace with its production quality, Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- continues its themes about crossing personal boundaries as these two emotionally guarded individuals learn to open up to each other and to the people closest to them.