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Review of SakyuSeka ~Yuuwaku ni Makenaide: Succubus ni Kanri Sareta Sekai de~

SubjectSakyuSeka ~Yuuwaku ni Makenaide: Succubus ni Kanri Sareta Sekai de~
SakyuSeka ~Yuuwaku ni Makenaide: Succubus ni Kanri Sareta Sekai de~
ByVote: 7funnerific on 2021-05-04 last updated on 2021-05-08
ReviewWatch the OP!

Because I hadn't done so before playing, I expected a mediocre nukige, but this is actually a normal VN that just spams you with bad end H at the start but then transitions into a pretty damn good story game about human nature (accepting a life of ups and downs over the perpetual bliss of succubi and their thralls), with romance and camaraderie. There's one love interest and two routes, both about her, but with the plot taking drastically different turns.

Good protagonist that never makes you hate him. Very good writing for this kind of game both in terms of characters and events, you can tell it's written like a good standard-length charage with serious plot and the short length means no room for filler, although the comedy is surprisingly weak in comparison. Also unexpectedly good BGM in later parts. Some H-scenes have animated "internal exhibition". Every ending, good or bad, is followed by a hint corner, and after completing the story all hint corners become available in the scene recollection menu.

Despite the infestation of succubi, the game is relatively pure. None of them are confirmed or denied virgins, and you never see any character with a "name" have sex with anyone other than the protag, or hint at any other sexual experience (beyond foreplay and such). Well, the main girl is a confirmed virgin, but in her succubus form she discovers that she somehow doesn't have a hymen.

I'm shocked how enjoyable this game turned out to be, even though I didn't like any of the H-scenes. Expect levels of epicness unimaginable from the cover image, and most likely a good aftertaste at the end.

The first route has a pretty open ending, although you can definitely tell where things are headed. However, the next route ends on a conclusive note.