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Review of Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi

SubjectSekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi
ByVote: 8.2onorub on 2021-05-05
ReviewIn this VN, the author pretty much perfected the sitcom feel that he refined when doing the Chocolat series and Konnyaku. I really liked the comedy in the slice-of-life scenes and it pretty much felt like a mid-2000's take on Family Project. That being said, i didn't like the drama that much. On itself it's not bad, but the problem is that it's centered around a heroine that gets progressively less likeable during the second half of the VN with all her moping. Also, i had mixed feelings on the "forbidden love" aspect of the VN's true route. It might be a cultural thing, but it would be way easier to digest had the girl been the protagonist (comedy would have suffered though). Overall, this is highly recommended if you want a VN with a sitcom feel (one of themes made me think of Alf's theme for some reason, even). Borderline great VN.

Ranking down girls: Asami>Kaya>Mitoko>Himeo.

Ranking down routes (excluding Asami because she's more of an ending than a route):
1) Mitoko (mixed feelings on the drama but the After Story really brought everything together for me);
2) Himeo (felt more like a season finale for a sitcom which was nice);
3) Kaya (rather dull jealously storyline).