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Review of Umi to Yuki no Cyan Blue

SubjectUmi to Yuki no Cyan Blue
ByVote: 8shuvidola on 2021-05-06
Reviewthis VN is focused to "what will shion do at his last several months before graduation". Romance and drama stuff combined with a good visual and moe heroine. The drama itself isnt really strong and heavy, but its kinda refreshing and enjoyable. Every heroine got their own uniqueness and different focus, and some of them might be able to reach your feeling. This VN's visual is on another level. Heroine's sprite is also well-drawn and equipped with a lot of expression. Transition in-game is smooth and classy, and the BGM is relaxing to hear. CGs quality are godlike, it is drawn really well too and some of them are reaching the state where it looks majestic and makes you emotional on some point. The developer is really generous for CGs stuff, they showing CG inside the game a lot. Unfortunately, this VN isnt showing the Tokyo part after graduation, and the time will only be skipped to several years after shion is returning. Worth to try if you are SoL-romance wholesome stuff enjoyer. For me, its better to play Nana's route first, and you can play anyone after Nana. My favorite route is Yume's, many interesting stuff happened on her route.