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Review of One Last Salty Kiss

SubjectOne Last Salty Kiss
One Last Salty Kiss
ByVote: 7.3gamejunkie on 2021-05-08
ReviewExpect a fairly simple but effective plot that revolves around the idea of the past.

For such a short story I was impressed that they were able to pack a decent amount of depth into their characters and the general plot. The characters are all likable and don't really fall into any of the typical tropes of the genre, they have a degree of chemistry in that they seem to fit well together. The pacing didn't feel rushed and there were some genuinely powerful moments that have stuck with me.
The basic premise isn't very original but the likable characters make up for that.

Not everyone will this artwork, I find it appealing but not everyone will. I appreciate that they went for a style that looks distinct and not like every other visual novel. I'd recommend taking a look at the screenshots and deciding if its for you.

Music/sound effects
Decent, I don't remember them being super memorable but not bad either.

Overall a short but sweet gem. I can't justify giving it more than a 7.4 since it is very short and doesn't compare to games in the 8 category but overall a good experience.