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Review of Kurukuru Fanatic

SubjectKurukuru Fanatic
Kurukuru Fanatic
ByVote: 5xxxpheniox on 2021-05-09
ReviewThis is one of the most schizophrenic novels I've ever read. Like irrationally so. The character sprites shake faster than I thought was possible in the engine. The music almost never matches the scene. The tone shifts fast enough to give me whiplash. And this has one of the most "Japanese" MCs I've ever seen. By "Japanese" I mean you take a rational action that should be taken then instantly overwrite it with "Ah, but that wouldn't be good to do would it?". Dude swears he is going to piss his pants in 20 seconds then in the next scene "Ah, guess I'm fine for now." Like I actually feel woozy playing this. And I don't know if that's a testament to some godly intentional writing and design choices or if it's actually really fucking terrible. Either way I'm stressed af playing it. 5/10.