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Review of Itsudemo Tanezuke! Ishuzoku Haramase Harem Mura

SubjectItsudemo Tanezuke! Ishuzoku Haramase Harem Mura
Itsudemo Tanezuke! Ishuzoku Haramase Harem Mura - Download Edition
ByVote: 4kokusu on 2021-05-10
ReviewMonster Girl Breeder is really just lewd scene after lewd scene with a minimum of what could be called a story. If you focus this much on sex, you should at least have the writing ability to make different scenes stand out, but the beginning alone has one girl fuck you, she wants another round, but a second girl watched and now wants to fuck you. You bang second girl, she wants a second round, but girl three watched and now wants you for herself, so you bang her, she wants a second go and so you bang all three of them at the same time.
With this much focus on sex and like 20 different girls to bang in a pretty short game, it is weird that the game is censored.
But the bigger problem is absolutely the writing. Not just is the beginning with the three girls already stupid, but the MC, who earlier was still a virgin, somehow goes "I definitely impregnated you" after each bang and all the girls call themselves his "meat toilet"... whatever the living hell that is.
In the end I skipped through most of the game, looking for a moment at the artwork and then skipping to the next girl and again and... The language was just too damn bad to have any fun with this.


#1 by Tenjin
2022-01-13 at 13:47
< report >Can only agree, the art is okay, but the scenario is just too much.
Even if it is nukige,it is far too short and I don't even remember there being any choices to be made and if there were seems like they didn't matter at all since I don't remember them at all...

TBH I saw fan-made games with more effort put into them than this - and often for free...