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Review of Chicchakunai Mon! ~School Bus de Omukae Chu Chu♥~

SubjectChicchakunai Mon! ~School Bus de Omukae Chu Chu♥~
Chicchakunai Mon! ~School Bus de Omukae Chu Chu♥~ Download Edition
Bytomtheerogeman on 2020-09-09
ReviewJust a quick warning that after I read what I wrote below I found it to be kind of ummm... gross, compared to most of my other reminisces on VNDB. I typically don't write so much about sexual content because you can often find CG sets posted on other websites; you don't need me to point out some of this stuff for you, but in this case there's really not much to say about anything else as the rest of the game is just watching the girls have fun playing. It's not that great this time because it makes you wish you're playing a real game instead of a VN. I've spent the last couple of years or so writing reviews on this site about VNs I read, and I really don't want to skip this one yet at the same time I sometimes have other, more deviant tastes in VNs. But whatever, if you're not really into this kind of game then maybe now's your chance to learn more about Chichinai without having to own it. Yeah...

For years I've been on the fence about reading Chichinai, because if you've watched the openings for Iris's games in the past you'll know that Chicchakunai Mon's OP isn't lewd like the other 2 Iris games before it. This is roughly consistent with other patterns in loli content as well, such as how I've read that newer issues of Comic LO magazines aren't as explicit and fetishy as before, let alone the fact that Comic LO might be the last official loli mag, everything else in the print world is doujinshi iirc. I blame all this on foreign influences over the years like the olympics, UNICEF and the UN. Anyways, I had the suspicion that Iris might've followed a similar trend, and thus I stayed away, fearing that their latest product would be watered down.

I changed my mind recently after I was bored one day and took a brief glance at the CG set for this game. I was pleasantly surprised that Iris still didn't hold themselves back with this one. Cute animal print panties, frilly white socks, peeing, nipple sucking, mmmmmmmm! I was going to read a HamHamSoft VN because I've seen so many ro-500 pics that I want a game with a sukumizu-tanned loli in it, but Iris just knows how to cater to almost all other fetishes I think I might have and I don't feel like trying a different brand right now. There was also somebody on 4chan a while ago who was translating this to English, and if the patch actually gets released one day you'll be in for a real treat. You can't get much better than Chicchakunaimon, and here's why.

With a lot of loli VNs I would often assume that the protagonist is supposed to groom the heroines into thinking that sex at their age is okay, but in Chichinai the funny thing is that the girls unintentionally end up grooming themselves at school as you go further and further through the common route. Stuff like trying to study sex ed and anatomy without having textbooks, endurance exercises where they try to hang on to jungle gym poles and inadvertently rub their crotches, body measurements, etc. This sort of thing continues to the point where when the protagonist's relationship with one of the girls will progress to a sexual one almost immediately after one begins spending time alone with him. It's approximately there that you'll branch off into one of the girls' routes. There isn't any pressure at first to have sex or anything; it just falls into place and it happens naturally, I guess that's the best way to describe how the relationships feel.

The fetishes this game covers also includes groping and playing with the little angels' bodies while they sleep, sex in or around water (showers, bathtubs, inflatable pools, the beach, etc), and of course sex in public places where they risk possibly getting caught. The H scenes will sometimes have quite a bit of foreplay before it, things like kissing, nipple play, ass play, masturbation, massaging, and so on, the script makes it feel kind of forced sometimes because the protagonist can't control himself and doesn't always ensure he has consent. But I liked it because it made the sex feel much more passionate, like he's not just some schmuck who spent his teenage years fantasizing about tits and ass only to do nothing but look at them when he finally gets to that stage in his life. The nipples are much more consistent and improved compared to Shuki Shuki Daishuki; in that game I remember the areolas didn't even exist in some of the CGs, but in Chichinai they are perfect. There is one thing I didn't like though; whenever Rin flips Miruku's skirt to check what animal is pictured on her underwear, the game gives you a shot of it that is so close to her ass that there is almost no skin showing whatsoever. It would've been much more arousing if the artist zoomed out the pictures more so I could see her curves as well. On top of that, the game loves giving glances like this but doesn't go any further with this fetish, the protagonist just faps using Rin's plain underwear instead. The suggestive handstand picture I uploaded is the only CG I liked that pertains to print panties, apart from the game's first CG of Nono. But other than that everything else about the H scenes is perfect, this VN sometimes got me to masturbate even when I thought I was in the mood for big breast stuff instead, and that's how you know Chichinai is a great lolige.

Despite my initial prejudice about the content of this game and my sigh of relief after briefly seeing the CG set, there actually are a couple of things to note. First of all Tamara in Shuki Shuki Daishuki seemed like a toddler aged heroine when I read it long ago, and this time in Chicchakunaimon there's nobody who's that young. It seemed like they decided there aren't many customers out there with a fetish that deviant, and even for me seeing H scenes and grooming situations with such a young character was quite hard to read; I only read Tamara's route out of curiosity. Secondly Chicchakunaimon does not (to my limited knowledge) reference borderline criminal activity in real life, like how Shuki Shuki Daishuki often referenced the junior idol industry in Japan. (for the love of God don't Google that garbage, read link instead to learn more) It doesn't feel like Iris purposely toned this game down to be less controversial, rather this game would appeal to slightly more customers like myself. Unfortunately it's been nearly 4 years since this game was released and Iris doesn't seem interested in making another eroge, so I'll just have to hope that the other developers out there can tickle my fancy just as well.


#1 by lunaflina
2020-09-12 at 19:37
< report >based

In a deeper perspective, Chichinai has so many differences compared to Shuki Shuki. It is about the way they handle charaters' development that set themselves apart. Chichinai lets you have fun with the heroines through their daily life, as well as enjoying cute girls doing erokawaii things, then just let the romance plays out naturally. Shuki Shuki started out with those controversial topics though I am perfectly fine with youji, but the game focuses a lot on developing romance through handling personal problems of the heroines due to family circumstances. Iris didn't go that deep into those mentioned controversies, they just focus on that romance part right here, executing differently in both games. I can't say anything about Naisho no Naisho since I haven't read it despite having bought it, if you have more to add related to this then please do.

From experience I can see not all loliges are just about grooming them. Some set their world in a fantasy setting to dodge the "school means underage" shenanigans, some let readers have the thrill of being in that illegal area, some create an unrealistic world where readers can live happily with the girls. Iris works fall to the third category which I enjoy the most. Second category fans usually dislike the third one too.
#2 by Mrkew
2020-09-12 at 20:27
< report >
let alone the fact that Comic LO might be the last official loli mag
Digital Puni Pedo is a bi-monthly magazine that's still coming out, and with much stronger content than LO.Last modified on 2020-09-12 at 20:33
#3 by tomtheerogeman
2020-09-12 at 20:50
< report >#2 Thank you, now I remember why the common route in Shuki Shuki Daishuki was more interesting. I was worried the novelty of this kind of game was starting to wear off by now.

#3 Thanks, my knowledge of magazines is kind of rusty but I knew there used to be more of that good stuff long ago.
#4 by lunaflina
2020-09-12 at 23:49
< report >How can anyone miss out on mentioning Towako series in loli mags >:
#5 by Mrkew
2020-09-13 at 00:27
< report >Lolibaba is an acquired taste. I can go either way, but I still very much prefer JS. Anyway, is Towako even a proper mag? It seems to me it comes out very irregularly with several months inbetween.
#6 by lunaflina
2020-09-13 at 01:44
< report >Towako doesn't have an irregular schedule, it has a biannual release date. You can check more about it in this link.
#7 by barfboy
2020-11-17 at 16:28
< report >I could write a review on this myself but there's nothing more needing to be said.
#8 by tomtheerogeman
2021-07-03 at 23:28
< report >Not only did I find those magazines mrkew mentioned, they're in the summer sales too, most issues are only like 3 dollars right now: link NSFW.

I'll warn you all that bare skin and micro bikinis on the covers make them hard to resist buying.
#9 by tomtheerogeman
2021-11-08 at 04:06
< report >Just a minor update, I found my review posted several times on /vg/ in the past and someone was a bit irritated by "how I've read that newer issues of Comic LO magazines aren't as explicit and fetishy as before, let alone the fact that Comic LO might be the last official loli mag, everything else in the print world is doujinshi iirc":


I had to look for it, but that was in reference to a forum post I read in 2014 from user Shiroi Hane on Animenewsnetwork: link . At least the time that comment was made was a little more relevant to Iris's activity back in the day lol, but it's incredible I vaguely remembered something like that from over 6 years ago. Having learned a little more about the subject I can say now that things have changed for the better since then if you're into loli manga.

I lost it when I saw the related pics for the other times my review was reposted: link