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Review of Hello,Good-bye

Hello, Goodbye - Standard Edition
ByVote: 6hansfranz77 on 2021-05-12 last updated on 2021-08-22
ReviewYou should go into this vn just expecting a bit of romance, slice of life school comedy and maybe some interesting ideas for the setting here and there, like that it might work for you.

If you have much higher expectations, in terms of the overall story going into this, it will fall flat on it's face, though.

Because this vn is a classic example of a dev and writer wanting to do "all the things" at once and not focussing and structuring their work around just one great idea, like the setting for example. Sadly the end result is something that had loads, upon loads of potential, but when all is said and done does not come together to realize said potential.

It sadly does very much the opposite.