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Review of Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden

SubjectKyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden
ByVote: 8mastag on 2021-05-15
ReviewThe Kyonyuu Fantasy series has a knack for defying my expectations. I didn't expect substance or an enjoyable plot before playing the third entry, I guessed wrong. I reckoned, well, they most likely improved considerably with each entry, so if I play the first game after the third, I shouldn't be surprised to experience something inferior. Nope. It was just as good. So now I figure, huh, this entry here has fandisk written all over it - probably not as good as the parent story.

Wrong again.

This is my favorite one out of all of them. More interesting characters are given screentime, world-building is expanded on and the narrative is even more intriguing. The blatant plot armor on Lute makes for even more comedy genius, while our hero encourages people to just take it easy and get laid.


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2021-05-15 at 22:05
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