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Review of Steins;Gate The Distant Valhalla

SubjectSteins;Gate The Distant Valhalla
Steins;Gate The Distant Valhalla: Valkyrie's Rebirth
ByVote: 5lemonov on 2021-06-09
ReviewThis is a good attempt at adapting what was originally a light novel into a VN, but, due to technical issues (the game barely runs, constantly crashes, and is extremely slow) and the YT walkthrough of it wasting 10 seconds of real world time on a single line of text and making the reading 5 times slower than it should be I can't recommend it over the original, even with it's good sound and visual design.
The story itself has no info of value: everything it talks about was already explained in the original, the characters act as their usual selves, and no meaningful revelations are presented.
Fine, but completely skippable. Don't bother with it unless it's your goal to consume literaly every piece of SciADV content in existence. 5/10.