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Review of Nakadashi Haramase Shin'yaku Chousa

SubjectNakadashi Haramase Shin'yaku Chousa
softhouse-seal Nukige 100-pon Ultimate Pack
ByVote: 6barfboy on 2021-06-09
ReviewI immediately realized I've played this before though it's been a long time. A cute nukige with 3 heroines, all nurses, one of which is a childhood friend, another is the protagonist's younger sister. Immediately the younger sister is the route which makes the most sense. She's a huge brocon. As soon as he says he has a new fertility medication he wants to test she volunteers herself claiming, in front of the others 'I will gladly give birth to Nii-sama's baby!' while Hikari calls him a disgusting pervert and Mio is indifferent. Why would you choose anybody else? To get the harem ending I guess?

One of the few incest titles with sex with clones (another is Sister Magic! ). Definitely recommend for a quick, fun, pointless game about knocking up some nurses.