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Review of Saya no Uta

SubjectSaya no Uta
Saya no Uta Nitro The Best! Vol.2 - Windows 10 Support Edition
ByVote: 10sotarachi on 2021-06-17
ReviewThis is my first ever VN i really attempted to try and like. I never was fond of VNs, thought of it as a waste of time when i could just watch anime.

Maybe using this as my first VN was a horrible mistake that would make the bar of my expectations too high for the later VNs i would want to try, but all i know is that this is a really good VN. I enjoyed every moment i went through. I really recommend this to anyone that have a knack against gore and horror.


#1 by historyeraser
2021-06-17 at 15:13
< report >I'm surprised you have an account on here if you only played this game.

As for more VN's you could play, I recommend Cupid. It's a fantastic horror visual novel that also happens to be free.
#2 by sotarachi
2021-06-17 at 15:48
< report >I actually just created an account after i finished this VN. That's how much i loved it lol.
#3 by klapman
2021-06-17 at 16:06
< report >Saya no Uta's a great VN, but there's tons of really amazing ones out there. If you're interested in another one that goes to really fucked up places, I'd hugely recommend Cross Channel. It's very old and some people have issues with the translation, but I think it was released around the same timeframe as SnU so it shouldn't be that big a deal for you.