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Review of Hentai na Ore wa Shinshi ni Narazaru o Enai -The Importance of Creating an Environment Conducive to Be, or Not to Be.-

SubjectHentai na Ore wa Shinshi ni Narazaru o Enai -The Importance of Creating an Environment Conducive to Be, or Not to Be.-
Hentai na Ore wa Shinshi ni Narazaru o Enai -The importance of creating an environment conducive to be, or not to be.-
ByVote: 7.3Mrkew on 2021-06-19
ReviewFellow internet boomers might be familiar with the "Children of the Trough" copypasta (if not, link). Now, I thought to myself that there surely there must be an eroge with this concept. And there is! Somewhat, at least.

A society where breeding is encouraged as contraceptives are very heavily taxed, yet unless you want to face harsh penalties, all children must be given away to the state, which will decide on the best way of effectively raising them based on pure logic.
The story is about siblings living in such a society. But what are siblings? What does the word mean in our world and what does it mean in theirs? Does blood relation make someone your sibling? Why? Because somebody decided that a person born to both of your parents is your sibling. In other words, others have decided who is and isn't your sibling. But what if their decision was different? What if the state dictated who is and isn't your sibling? The definition is still in the hands of others. You are told who is your younger sister. You are told to love her and protect her. An emotional bond is easily created when you are told that person is your only family in the world.

Blood relation is irrelevant in that world. Who cares about people you've never seen in your life? Who cares about a sister you haven't grown up with? Is she even your sister? Of course not, the state hasn't recognized her as one. You are not the one who decides who is and isn't your sister. Not in our world, not in theirs. Could you make a complete stranger, that is someone who is technically blood related to you, into your little sister? Better call the local government office and find out.


#1 by messiahprinny
2021-06-19 at 20:23
< report >I have four siblings that I did not grow up with and I have to say that's not how anything works. WTF even is this?
#2 by Mrkew
2021-06-19 at 22:15
< report >Well first of all, this was about their world. Your thinking is based upon our world, where your common sense, created based on what you've been taught, tells you to accept certain people as siblings even though you haven't grown up with them, or perhaps never even met them.
In their world that is not common sense at all, since familiarity based on blood relation is ignored.

By the way, I actually disagree with the thinking of our world in that sense. One of my "sisters" is a person that I have never met in almost 30 years of my life. She is not someone I feel bonded with. Not someone I want to protect or give my life for. Not someone I would feel extra sad if I heard she passed away. Such a person is not family.
#3 by NaioHoras
2021-06-20 at 01:43
< report >does this vn warrant a Philosophy tag?
#4 by Mrkew
2021-06-20 at 09:49
< report >Sure, I should have remembered to tag that as I'd already applied it on the other game from this writer. That's most likely shared across his games. Going to be confirming that after I read Sekaiichi, Uketai Uso o. -Really, Another Imaginary.- today.