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Review of Muv-Luv Alternative

SubjectMuv-Luv Alternative
ByVote: 9ubermensch on 2021-06-20
ReviewScore: 9/10

Muv-Luv Alternative was a very fitting depiction of war and political de facto which touches upon a lot of wartime topics in a nuanced way. PTSD Arc especially stood out to me because of personal experiences and was the highlight prior to the finale. The final Episode pulled everything together and delivered spectacularly in terms of unravelling the mysteries, tension and sucking the reader into the world while enhancing the central themes and message poignantly. All the main characters received congruous conclusions as well. The ideas in it employ extensive usage of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, which are imaginable easily nowadays if one knows the mechanics of the three, which were far from well developed in the mid 2000s and are a result of Kouki's bold envisaging. It also has one of the best production I've seen in VNs, and is especially commendable for a VN released over fifteen years ago. No complaints in this aspect. Yuuko, Takeru and Meiya are definitely the characters that appealed to me the most and are my favourites.