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Review of Okujou no Yurirei-san

SubjectOkujou no Yurirei-san
ByVote: 6jobforabrokeboi on 2021-06-21
ReviewOverall it started off fun and unique, and the event selection was a cool feature. The music truly stood out here, and is probably the best thing the VN has to offer. If you're here for Yuri H-content, look elsewhere... What you'll get here is very meager and ultra vanilla.

I feel like the plot lost momentum as it went on. Some events are truly bizarre, like when the two athlete girls were competing over who gets to bang Hina after the festival. Also, why tf is there such a height difference between the girls? The third-years are like fucking giraffes compared to the first-years.

The character development is extremely sporadic, they completely 180 on several occasions. And the story ends rather abruptly and feels rushed, with the latter half being less enjoyable by far IMO.