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Review of Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

SubjectHoshi Ori Yume Mirai
Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - Full Patch 2.0
ByVote: 3llmajinll on 2021-06-21
ReviewThis game is boring as hell, the H scenes are okay and well drawn. Thats it, theres no plot, just a cringe fest about teenage love. I played this game after finising Majikoi, maybe thats why Im giving such a harsh review, but this game its just plain boting in comparision. Just finished my third route and I just hate leaving a game withouth finising it, but its just too damn boring. Boring.


#1 by nejnost
2021-06-21 at 16:08
< report >congratulations, you've been had. As someone who has been had way too many times to count, let me share my wisdom. Heed these words, my son

There is a certain tag this vn has, "Pure Love Story". Sounds like some general tag that can be applied to anything, right? Wrong. According to Cambridge dictionary, word "Pure" means not mixed with anything else, and that is how you should perceive this tag. Vns with this tag generally have no story, no character development, no drama, no humor, no fun, nothing aside from romance.
You'll have the unholy triumvirate of "donkan-hetare-kind" protagonist ripe for self inserting if you have confidence issues getting acquainted with X amount of female characters in the common route during some "bunkasai" or whatever the fuck, then you will choose one of them, they will have SOL conversations about weather(remember, no jokes or fun allowed), then they will hold hands, kiss, fuck in missionary and the credits will roll. Might get a blowjob scene if you were a good boy.

In short, avoid this tag like plague
#2 by funnerific
2021-06-21 at 16:45
< report >#1
Vns with this tag generally have no story, no character development, no drama, no humor, no fun, nothing aside from romance.

Congratulations, you've just confirmed you have no idea what you're talking about.
#3 by ithoo
2021-06-21 at 16:55
< report >#1
Vns with this tag generally have no story, no character development, no drama, no humor, no fun, nothing aside from romance

>White Album 2 exists
#4 by stickyfingersx
2021-06-21 at 17:11
< report >#1
Keeping Saya no Uta at a 10 may be contradictory, assuming we are working with the same site tags. Jtlyk.
#5 by funnerific
2021-06-21 at 18:31
< report >#3
As someone who finished both Kazusa routes in WA2, I really wouldn't call it that. It can't be pure after all the grease it inevitably goes through.
#6 by ithoo
2021-06-21 at 18:59
< report >#5 The first thing to do here is to start by defining what you mean by "pure love story"; it is important to clarify whether you are basing yourself on an "idealistic" or "realistic" approach to the concept.
These are just my personal thoughts, but I always considered White Album 2 to be the pinnacle of storytelling when it comes to romance in the visual novel industry (considering what I've read so far).
#7 by bluntythepirate
2021-06-21 at 19:25
< report >I had somehow never realized WA2 had that tag, that is pretty wacky to me XD
Also lol #1, none of what you said even coincides with Pure Love Story tag at allLast modified on 2021-06-21 at 19:30
#8 by netorious
2021-06-22 at 08:59
< report >#1 picked the wrong pure love stories

#9 by bobjr2000
2021-06-22 at 13:14
< report >Ya pure love story seems almost weird to me. Personal I don't like tag because usually seems to have a true ending or a central heroine which not a big fan of either. I would say the tag is actual lends its self to be anti vanilla if you read description just that the love of the characters can over come obstacle. Yet seems like its used as a vanilla tag more than anything which seems weird on how do you describe whats pure love and what isn't. Many titles have some conflicts and moe eroge but story always over comes obstacles even if its silly ones. They rarely get pure love tag even technically meet all criteria.
#10 by naiohoras
2021-06-22 at 13:24
< report >^probably the tag just have a bad naming choice. the alias "love overcomes all" is more fiting with the actual desc. but nowaday the tag has been misinterpreted as "vanilla love story" instead and mistaged so much that it's hard to control.