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Review of Shizuku

ByVote: 8manpig on 2021-06-21
ReviewSo imagine like, going into this horror VN that kickstarted Leaf

Art style looks funny, friends say it's not actually scary and it's more like a lame b-horror, you're in the mood for that right?

So you pick it up and read it, and yeah, it's pretty cheesy, it's fun but not smth particularly noteworthy. You finish the first route and go "hey that was pretty fun", and go onto the next

And then the next one is GOOD
Unironically good.
You get worried expecting this is something that'll actually matter as you start the last route.
Then the ending happens
And suddenly, all you feel is pain

A week later you're still thinking about that fucking ending living in your head rent-free
You listen to Suara's MOON PHASE and oh SHIT you're crying
That's how it feels reading this.


#1 by onorub
2021-06-21 at 11:54
< report >I didn't like it nearly as much as you did, but i will agree that the VN gets better as the routes go. That one bad ending where the protagonist mindfucks the whole city by accident was the highlight of it for me.
#2 by historyeraser
2021-06-21 at 12:43
< report >I've been meaning to play this game. I love the earthly colors used for the backgrounds and how it and the character sprites look. It has a Tsukihime x PC-98 feeling.

Also, is this the first game that Leaf marketed as a VN? Or was it DR2 Night Janki?
#3 by manpig
2021-06-21 at 13:27
< report >I actually played the Renewal Version for the QOL, there's also a few extra endings there that help soothe the wound of the original

I'm pretty sure this is the first Leaf "visual novel"
#4 by historyeraser
2021-06-21 at 13:28
< report >Wow, I can't believe there is no translation considering it's place in VN history then...Last modified on 2021-06-21 at 16:24
#5 by danteas
2021-06-21 at 18:57
< report >would you please explain the endings to me, i dont play to read this one soon so i want to know what makes them shocking
#6 by manpig
2021-06-23 at 20:30
< report >The endings are very bittersweet
They added a few extra endings that soothe the wound but the original endings do tug at the heartstrings if you get invested in the story