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Review of Soukoku no Arterial

SubjectSoukoku no Arterial
ByVote: 7.5onorub on 2021-07-21
ReviewKinda had mixed feelings about this one. At one hand, the gameplay is pretty addicting, it's nice to collect cards that symbolize events within the game and splitting the routes into factions was a great decision. At the other hand, the plot just comes off as Shin Megami Tensei filled to the brim with eroge tropes for me and it kinda makes me want to play SMT Nocturne instead, and it's not like Kamidori where the lackluster plot is compensated by a great feeling of exploration and discovery. I also found a bit uneven how well things went in the human route because it's not like Ikusa Megami Verita where you have to put in the work to stay neutral. I'd call this worth playing because of the unique gameplay for 2012 but thematically it's just fine for what it is. Good, almost great VN.