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Review of Utawarerumono

ByVote: 8calliopeclown on 2021-07-21
ReviewUtawarerumono-- wow, that's a mouthful! And an even fuller mouthful is the degree of content which went into this work. The story features a wide variety of situations sweeping across a full spectrum of emotions-- domestic violence, caring for the sick; camaraderie, rivalship; the depths of poverty, the pinnacle of imperial splendor and divinity.

At the foreground of this tale is a man who presents himself to others as a helpful leader and family man, but who, throughout the story, reveals himself to be a cunning sociopath. Here are some of the harms Hakuowlo has inflicted

- He protected Eruruu from Nuwangi, but in doing so, condemned Yamamura Village to death after conquering the local owlo, and continually put Eruruu and her sister, Aruruu, in danger by recruiting them.

- He aided the revolution in Na Tuunk, which probably killed tens of thousands, whereas the suppression of the revolution would have been less destructive since Derihourai had fewer men.

-He falsely attacked the owlo to the east, being manipulated by the larger-military owlo to the near west, resulting in even more bloodshed.

As a result of all this, I think it's a rather fitting symbol that he literally reveals himself to be a monster at the end of the story and genuinely does attack the ones he loves.

Overall, I enjoyed the plot, but I believe the subplot explaining his special linkage to Eruruu and his neurally-linked mask and the whole time travel bit was unnecessary.