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Review of Yukiiro Sign

SubjectYukiiro Sign
ByVote: 9crusader325 on 2021-07-21 last updated on 2021-07-22
ReviewSimilar vibes with Aonatsu Line (but not the exact same), pretty great if you really like that kind of genre.

My only gripe is the transition between Common Routes and Heroine(s) Route, they not explain (really well) why the MC and Heroine(s) got together (except Miku Route). It kinda feels like just because the player (us) choose the heroine and then they end up together. Routes rank IMO are (best to last): Miku > Sve > Kako (i highly suggest to play Miku Route last, the other route weren't bad but when to compared it with Miku's they were a slight notch behind). Other then that it's great.