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Review of Senren * Banka

SubjectSenren * Banka
Senren * Banka - 18+ Steam Patch
ByVote: 8emp3r0r on 2021-07-30
ReviewIt was quite arduous to actually endure the humongous amount of shallow conversation starting from the divergence point between the main story/common route and the individual target's routes. Chapter 5,6 and sometimes even 7 were a pain in the ass of incredible proportions making each second seem like an eternity. Even so, I somehow endured everything as the art was truly top of the top, more than simply scribbles to forcefully invest you in the story but something that on their own hold value and weight. And so, I can say that while not fairly and impartially judged, this VN gets an 8/10 for how everything worked together. One of the few and rare instances for me where the art was simply too good to feel like closing the game and coming back sometime later/never.
To rate the routes is a little difficult. I've got to say that overall, not even one story had something unique or special to remember. Even so, I'd have to go with a slightly bizarre ranking of the heroines.
Mako 8/10 - slightly forced, but even so refreshing while slightly perverted. Felt like the one making the story work both as a character invested in the plot and as a motivator for each route.
Murasame 7,5/10 - A slightly confusing character, both mature and juvenile, but overall had a lot of potential out of which only a little was pulled out.
Yoshino 7/10 - This character was exactly what it was supposed to be, a representation of a cliche, of a well known troupe, but nevertheless, while mediocre, had it's fair share of enjoyable moment.
Lena 6/10 - Japanese writers writing westerner characters seem to be incapable most of the time to write a realistic representation without giving them some sort of forced backstory of ultra interest in what Japan is so that they are more or less the usual Japanese characters but with some twist. The amount of story inserted in this character was more of a shock, as the amount of revelations connected to it should have belonged to Yoshino, but well, what's done is done.
Koharu/Roka - 4/10 These characters were shallow, empty, devoid of personalities and just there to expand on the usual interest of the majority of VN readers that needed an onee-san ara,ara type and an imouto with onii-chan catchphrase that can haunt you enough to remember of Hoshizora's Chinami.
With that being said, it's an easy read, nothing special stands out, mediocre is all I can say it gets in terms of story, but goddamn, the art is on another level. Go read it, but either take it in small pieces or force yourself to focus on it. Otherwise I fear sooner or later you are going to forget it even exists.