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Review of Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger

SubjectTherapy with Dr. Albert Krueger
ByVote: 8wonii on 2021-07-31
ReviewEnjoyed a lot! I really liked the humor, though it purposefully leaves a lot of things vague. A lot of effort was obviously put into it, and it uses its limited time well. The primary genre is humor mixed with horror, which is something hard to pull off thematically, but it did it well. Albert playing off of Taylor is a really fun dynamic to read, even when you're redoing it for all the other endings. Also appreciate how it switches things up a little between redos, makes the experience more fun.

Appreciated the hints given to unlock all 3 endings, though it took me a couple tries to figure out the inkblot trick, which was annoying--had to look up a guide for that.