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Review of Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-

SubjectGrisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-
ByVote: 10lolimfat7 on 2021-08-01 last updated on 2021-08-02
ReviewMy initial thoughts about Grisaia when I first watch the anime was that it had a unique premise but terrible executions, but then I heard from a friend that the visual novels are far better and boy he wasn't wrong.

Grisaia introduces us early on with a simple and lighthearted slice of life comedy while also giving small hints of the serious vibes at times that will resurface in the later story.

Grisaia has an incredible artwork for its time, great set of characters, well written story, and some good soundtracks, its also really amazing how every routes in this game are exceptionally written that it is totally understandable if you were to prefer one againts another.

Althought, despite its greatness, i do notice that Grisaia may not be for everyone, the common route especially may be a problem for some due to its lenght and hit or miss comedy

Nonetheless, i heavily recommend this visual novel to everyone as it offers some of the greatest experience one could ever have.