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Review of Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki

SubjectSousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki
Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki - Trial Edition
ByVote: 7.5llee1000 on 2021-08-10
ReviewNote: This is a first impressions of the Trial. This review will be deleted a day before the full game releases and will be subsequently replaced with a review of the full game once I have finished that.

Based on the trial alone, I can tell that Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki (which I will shorten to SouKano for the rest of the review) will be a story that is focused on what it means to create. The protagonist himself is stuck in a rut, constantly wondering what will become of himself if he is unable to do the thing he loves the most. Through his connections he makes with other similar minded people, does that answer become much more clearer. Of course in the trial, that is never solved in full, but sprouts of potential branches are starting to form, giving way to several possible conclusions. I’m definitely interested in which branch the story eventually unfolds into.

That is to say, SouKano is a story that will delve into some more interesting themes of the creative process, but by no means is it a heavy work. There are many moments of levity sprinkled throughout, with comedy usually intermittently placed in Toshiki’s narration as events are going on around him. The comedy works more effectively, as it does not break up the pacing as much as having scenes dedicated to comedy, though the story definitely has those moments where sometimes it feels a bit bogged down. Other times, it hits the mark right on the nose and I feel my letting loose and smiling along with the ensuing situation. Nonetheless, SouKano is a SoL story through and through, using both comedy and heavier moments to flesh out its main cast.

However, the pacing is definitely a little too fast for its own good. The first chapter is fine enough in terms of how events are structured in relation to each other. The second chapter takes place from spring all the way to Christmas Eve, without allowing much breathing space for the characters to grow into themselves. The pace of the story precludes the development of the characters, as it feels like the narrative is building up to a certain moment it wants to reach as opposed to letting the characters organically reach it themselves. A little more introspection and letting the characters figure themselves out would have done wonders in this type of story, one of discovering ourselves in our limited time on Earth.

The characters themselves are charming. Each one has their own quirks and there is enough interaction between each character where none of them feel isolated in their own world. It builds up a complex web of relations, with each interaction adding to its intricacies. Through this, the characters are made to be truly alive and not just vessels for the story, even if the pacing acts in ways that contradict that.

The writing itself is quite simple, which allows the story to be more digestible. The dialogue feels very human, with lots of the conversations feeling realistic without drawing on too many theatrics. The narration is more focused on getting right into Toshiki’s headspace, for better or worse. SouKano isn’t a work that shies away from going into detail on the inner workings of the creative process; however, at times, these aspects can become a bit too technical and bog itself down in the minute explanations.

SouKano is a personal, intimate story. There’s no grand setpieces or dramatic happenings, it’s a coming-of-age story of a boy who is trying his damndest to rediscover the passion that has all but escaped him. Sometimes things do indeed go South, but in turn, it becomes an opportunity for Toshiki to better understand himself as a person. SouKano will be a story about Toshiki better understanding himself and using that as an outlet for his stories. No matter what direction his life takes, Toshiki will learn from it and better himself from his achievements as well as his failures.

That being said, I won't let my hopes get too high and let them get utterly destroyed when my expectations are not met in the slightest. It happened with Einstein and KnS3 and I will not let myself become fooled. Still, there’s a part of me that clings to hope that SouKano can deliver on what it set out to do and paint its canvas in a spectacular fashion. In the end, I’ll definitely be reading SouKano’s full release to see what is in store for me. Hopefully, it will be a journey filled with the creative spark, allowing its characters to reach satisfaction in full.

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#1 by mutsuki
2021-08-10 at 18:52
< report >can't wait for you to give it a 1.1 like einstein afterwards lol
#2 by llee1000
2021-08-10 at 22:48
< report >I will be so pissed if it shits the bed, again...

I swear, if I rate this under a 4.5, I will delete my account.
#3 by cubky
2021-08-11 at 04:15
< report >Suddenly I am looking forward to the game's release
#4 by llee1000
2021-08-11 at 13:43
< report >Just cum on the haters.
#5 by kidbuu25
2021-09-11 at 09:28
< report >
can't wait for you to give it a 1.1 like einstein afterwards lol

Meanwhile I can't wait for his top tier review like einstein afterwards :)
#6 by kindofthekind
2021-09-26 at 04:13
< report >haha well i'm looking forward too, thanks for reviewing